NFL Negotiations: Where We Are And Why You Shouldn’t Care

03.08.11 7 years ago

I just taped a podcast with Brad Jackson at The New Ledger discussing the NFL’s labor negotiations with its players and the probability of a lockout, replacement players, and an 18-game season. I’m linking it here because we’ve discussed it so little here. That’s, admittedly, by design.

Even if there is a lockout, or an antitrust lawsuit against the league, I don’t see it affecting the actual football we’ll see this fall. Even Patriots owner Robert Kraft said this deal could get done in a week, and considering that all of the players are in shape year-round, we could see negotiation gridlock until August and still not face the threat of canceled games. But we have a bunch of sportswriters and NFL beat guys with nothing better to do than to pronounce total doom for the sporting landscape as we know it, so here we are.

If you want to listen to me break it down, you can listen here.

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