These NFL Network Analysts Didn’t Know They Were On-Air And Got Caught Mocking The Browns

02.27.16 2 years ago 7 Comments

The NFL Network is broadcasting the combine this weekend as players attempt to impress scouts and coaches in Indianapolis. Unfortunately for the network, there were some behind-the-scenes issues with the switcher on Saturday afternoon, and analysts who were supposed to be off the air – most notably host Chris Rose – were caught making some rather sarcastic remarks about one of the prospects.

It’s not entirely clear who the analysts are talking about. It could be Wisconsin QB Joel Stave, who was lining up for the 40-yard dash, but some have theorized they were actually talking about North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz, who appears on screen after Stave. Either way, Rose took the opportunity to lay down this Browns joke.

“Is it as bad as he throws it?”

“Yeah, I was going to say.”


“Here we go. As I texted this morning, is the next former Browns quarterback about to hit the field?”


At that point, the poor director appears to have figured out his error and switches the shot, but the damage had already been done. Rose went on Twitter to confirm that he’s a Browns fan, so the joke was made in a self-deprecating way.

Still, I can’t imagine the network is going to be overly thrilled with that comment ending up on air.

(Via @Kyle_McLorg)

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