Please Enjoy The NFL Playoffs Four Divisional Winners As Cartoons

01.20.16 3 years ago 3 Comments
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After a Wild Card round full of upsets, with every single home team losing for the first time in history, the Divisional round saw only the home teams win, and for the first time we have two NFL Championship games featuring matchups between the No. 1 and No. 2 seeds. Basically, all the teams that got a bye week won, making the rest of the playoffs pointless. Hooray for parity!

Speaking of parity, the AFC has no idea what that means. Since 2001, Tom Brady’s first Super Bowl, the AFC representative in the Super Bowl has been Brady six times, Peyton three times, Roethlisberger three times, plus a Joe Flacco and a Rich Gannon for one time each. This year will add either another Brady or another Manning. So, in 14 years, we have basically only three quarterbacks. For comparison, in the same timeframe, no NFC QB has shown up more than twice (Eli, Wilson, Warner). The AFC needs to get itself together and actually try once in a while, like Flacco did. Thanks, Joe. You’re #elite to me.

The divisional weekend featured arguably the best football game of the season, too, with the Cardinals/Packers. It’s the kind of game that restores your faith in football. The game featured a ricochet tip drill go-ahead touchdown. It featured a final second hail mary for the ages. Then it featured one of the best overtime plays in history. It even had a goofy coin flip. The other games weren’t bad, either. Carolina stomped Seattle and then fell asleep in the locker room as Seattle did their best to make it interesting. The Steelers limped and the Broncos stumbled into a sort of interesting experience. The Patriots won, too, but they always win, they win so much they’ve made themselves completely boring.

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