NFL Owners Have Decided Against A Rule Change Requiring Players To Stand For The National Anthem

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Owners across the NFL met with the NFLPA to discuss a potential rule change which would require players to stand during the national anthem, and ultimately decided to not change the current rule which stated that players “should” stand. The joint NFL-NFLPA statement reiterates what was said last week: The NFL and its players respect the country, the flag, and the servicemen, women and first responders who keep us safe. They also explained in clear terms that their platform can be used to enact positive change in their communities and the country.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones took the time to lock arms and kneel with his players before the national anthem earlier in the season, but has since said that any player that “disrespects the flag” will not play. This statement was almost immediately met by a grievance filed by a local Texas union, said Jones, with that statement, was trying to establish a previously nonexistent condition of work.

This is an important ruling as the narrative around the protests are drowned out by Donald Trump. This isn’t about “disrespecting” the military or the country, it’s about bringing attention to police brutality and racial inequality. The sooner we get back to that focus, the better.

Now, the impending tweet storm from the leader of the free world.