NFL Fans Freaked Out When The RedZone Channel Froze 10 Minutes Into Games

For millions of NFL fans, the way they consume football on Sundays is solely through the NFL RedZone channel. Those of us who have become hooked to RedZone can no longer function on an NFL Sunday by simply watching one game, we must be bombarded with constant cuts to and from games across the country, with — in the words of Scott Hanson — seven hours of commercial free football.

RedZone really has warped how we watch games, as the pace of just one game isn’t enough anymore, especially with things like stoppages and commercial breaks, so we lock in at 1 p.m. ET every Sunday and ride with our guy Scott as he takes us around the league to see every score and big play. So, when everyone’s RedZone feed got stuck on a RED ALERT screen for about 10 minutes on Sunday, it felt like the football apocalypse to many. Were we about to be forced to watch, gulp, one game on a channel with commercials?

Happily, RedZone fixed itself eventually and we were back to watching games at a breakneck pace, but that 10 minutes of horror led to plenty of reaction online as fans freaked out about our beloved whiparound channel going down mere minutes into Sunday’s action.