The Person Trolling The Patriots On The NFL’s Twitter Account Might Be A Jets Fan

jets fan trolling
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If you thought the NFL’s punishment toward the New England Patriots and quarterback Tom Brady marked the end of the Deflategate saga, you were mistaken.

The NFL’s social media accounts—namely Instagram and Twitter—have been a little, shall we say, “cheeky” toward the Patriots as of late. On Thursday, the league’s Twitter account posted the following tweet:

The acronym for “Precision. Strength. Intelligence.” is P.S.I. That, of course, stands for pounds per square inch, of which the Patriots’ playoff balls didn’t have enough. NFL spokesperson Alex Riethmiller told Dana Hunsinger of the Indianapolis Star that he was “really actually shocked that anyone would even be asking about this. Really? Just three words.”

Still, Michael Hurley of CBS Boston did a little digging and uncovered a trend—if you want to call it that—of possible Patriots trolling dating back as far as four months ago:

A little more searching from Hurley found that the “sole manager” of the NFL’s social media accounts is a man named Duane Munn, who might be a Jets fan: “DuanefromNJ” on Twitter.

So, there you have it. The person who operates the NFL’s social media accounts may be a Jets fan who had some fun at the expense of the Patriots and Deflategate.  At least no emojis were used that could have offended someone.

[Michael Hurley, CBS Boston]