Eddie George Weighs In On The NFL’s Best Ground Players And The Return Of The Superstar Running Back

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At some point within the last few years, someone declared the superstar running back, and especially the one-back offense, a thing of the past. Maybe it was one of the 76 former players and coaches on the NFL Network’s Sunday morning panel, or perhaps it was a fantasy football expert offering reasons why you should pass on Adrian Peterson and settle for Gio Bernard. Regardless, we’ve watched this theory in action all season with teams like the Raiders, Jaguars, Eagles, and Falcons, among others, employing RB committees. In some cases, it works. Others, not as much. Some, not at all.

But while the bell cow is definitely endangered, it is still far from extinct, and the recent emergence and dominance of several young backs could change the way that other teams think about a committee moving forward. David Johnson, LeVeon Bell, and Ezekiel Elliott were far and away the best RBs in the NFL this season, and they also happen to be the nominees for FedEx Ground Players of the Year.

Seeing as Eddie George is a former NFL running back, Heisman Trophy winner, and college football hall-of-famer (don’t even ask him about Ohio State’s recent meltdown, because he is so over that “horrific showing”), as well as a spokesman for the FedEx Air and Ground Players awards, I figured he’d be a good person to ask about this theory of mine that the superstar running back is alive and thriving in the NFL.

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