The NFL’s Super Bowl Babies Commercial Is Back To Melt Your Heart Again

The NFL brought back its Super Bowl babies commercial and while the premise is a little weird it was extremely adorable. Thankfully, the NFL scrapped using “Kiss From A Rose” this year, and the babies they used this year are all very cute.

Let’s take a look at all of our baby doppelgängers.

Baby Mike Ditka

This is a strong Ditka look. I appreciate the attention to detail with the hair and mustache, and the custom mini Bears sweater vest is great.

Baby Michael Irvin

This jacket is absolute flames, and the pencil thin mustache and big diamond stud earrings bring the whole thing together. This is a phenomenal fit.

Baby Joe Namath

The hair and glasses are whatever, I’m just here to talk about this coat. How do you even find a fur like this in a baby’s size? This coat is amazing and makes me want to have a child just to get them this coat.

Baby Bill Belichick

Baby Belichick absolutely nails the Belichick angry face. Great job, baby.

Baby Marshawn Lynch

Baby Beast Mode is my favorite. Look at this child. The hair, the beanie, it’s all perfect.

Baby Von Miller

The newest addition of Super Bowl babies is little Von Miller and he is incredible. That whole ensemble is great, but the jacket really sets this apart.

The NFL babies are arguably the best thing the NFL does each year.