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The brass of some these dubious NFL squads are creating fake facebook pages using pictures of pretty girls and a bit of perverse ingenuity. Kinda like blogging, really. This comes from a report on Yahoo! written by Charles Robinson, who was great in Night Court, by the way. Teams use these accounts to gain access to draft prospects’ facebook pages, rifle through their pictures and personal info to develop better interview questions. Once the draft is over, the accounts are deleted.

Rick Spielman remembers one Myspace page, the kind that makes a personnel man sit up in his seat, reach for a pencil, and push a particular question to the top of his list…“He had a big picture of a bunch of drug money and drugs on a carpet,” the Vikings’ vice president of player personnel said, shaking his head. “It was the kind of thing that, you know, it was under his name. So when we had some time with him, of course we were like ‘What is this all about?’ … It was an interesting conversation. He had a legitimate explanation for what happened and we followed up on it and we believe it was what he said it was. But that’s one of the things that happens [with networking profiles].”

I feel a lot less perverted now that I know that the NFL and I are doing the exactly the same things to the facebook accounts of 21- and 22-year-olds. You know, except for the furious masturbating. But I’m sure a puritan monopoly like the NFL would never cop to such a thing outside of the confessional booth. The kind of booth with the coin slots and the sliding window shade, that is.

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