11.10.07 10 years ago 6 Comments

In yet another edict, the NFL is trying to become less violent by mandating referees eject players for flagrant helmet-to-helmet hits:

"Officials will be reminded this week to pay strict attention to these rules and disqualify the fouling player if the action is judged to be flagrant," [NFL supervisor of officials Mike] Pereira wrote in the memo sent to the 32 NFL teams. "Actions that involve flagrant helmet to helmet contact are the likely acts that will include disqualification. Our commissioner and this office remain very focused on the safety of our players."

Yes, I suppose the safety of the players is important. But what of the enjoyment of the fans? When all those Christians were being "severely injured" in the Colosseum, did the Caesars call for rule changes? Did they penalize the lions for going after the tasty, tasty organ meat in the torso? No, because they knew what put Roman asses in the seats. I wonder how the great Marion Motley (pictured) would have reacted to all the rule changes that have enervated the NFL through the years. I imagine he would strap on his helmet (sans face-mask) and run the ball to house while destroying as many Caucasian defenders as he could along the way. Oh well, if you want some hard-hitting action this weekend, you can watch the U.S. Women's Rugby Club Championships in Sanford, FL. -KD 

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