NFL Week 1 Coverage Maps: Saints-Packers, Browns-Chiefs Dominate The Late Window

The NFL is back in full swing on Sunday after Week 1 started with a thrilling Bucs win over the Cowboys in the Thursday night opener, and the return of the NFL means the return of trying desperately to find the game you want to watch. For those with Sunday Ticket, this isn’t an issue, but for those without DirecTV, the fate of your local Fox and CBS broadcasts are determined by your location.

Thankfully, the great folks at keep track of all of it with handy maps for each window, helping us all understand what games will be on where. In the early CBS window this week, most of the northern half of the country will be treated to Pittsburgh-Buffalo, while the southern half is split among the other four games based on location.

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Orange: ARI-TEN
Green: NYJ-CAR
Yellow: LAC-WAS

For the Fox early slate, most of the East and South will be shown Eagles-Falcons, while Seahawks-Colts dominates the West outside of California (where Niners-Lions will be shown). The Midwest, unsurprisingly, gets mostly Vikings-Bengals.

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Green: SF-DET
Yellow: MIN-CIN

The late windows are much more simple, as most of the country will get Browns-Chiefs on CBS and Packers-Saints on Fox (red), with the lone exceptions being the markets directly around Denver and New York for Fox and Miami and New England for CBS (blue).


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