Illustrating The NFL’s Most Surprising Week 11 Winners (And Predicting Week 12)

11.25.15 4 years ago 3 Comments

WHAT A WEEK OF THE FOOTBALLS. Every team was just football’n all over the place this past week, except for maybe the Eagles. They didn’t appear to want to football, which is bad news for Eagles fans. Man, the Eagles are a confusing mess who can’t decide if they want to be good or not, the 76ers are just a complete trash heap, and the Flyers are below .500. Looking at Philly sports, you can kind of understand why the most important sports statue in the city is of a fictional boxer played by a mumbling Italian.

So, what did we learn from this week of football? Let’s test your knowledge with a quiz!

1. Who made the best catch of the week?
Answer: Redskins Coach Jay Gruden!

2. What team honored their future Hall of Fame running back and had one of the worst losses of the year?
A. The Los Angeles San Diego Chargers!

3. What is the name of Case Keenum’s father?
A. He probably doesn’t know, either!

4. What causes the worst bias among NFL referees?
A. If you listen to Jason Hatcher, the Redskins name!

5. What team won, but still basically lost?
A. The Ravens!

6. What team now has four wins and a reasonable chance at winning the division?
A. The Jaguars. We also would have accepted the Eagles and Redskins.

7. Who is the Texans starting QB next year?
A. Probably RG3 or Colin Kaepernick.

8. How tall is Brock Osweiler?
A. 6’7, three inches shorter than Peyton Manning’s forehead.

9. Who is the No. 1 receiver for the 10-0 Carolina Panthers?
A. Ted Ginn Jr.! Yes, that Ted Ginn Jr.

10. Are the Patriots still undefeated?
A. Ugh.

So, let’s get to the cartoons. Not a good week for me, with six incorrect calls. Certain teams are just confusing, and the rule of any given Sunday is in full effect.

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