Here Are Cartoons For Sunday’s Most Surprising NFL Winners (And Predictions For Week 13)

12.02.15 4 years ago 3 Comments
tony romo

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The NFL sucks this year.

As we edge ever closer to the playoffs, that is the only thing that has become clear. The NFL resembles the slop you see jaded lunch ladies pour onto plates in school comedy movies. There are two really good teams (Patriots and Panthers). There are maybe five good teams (Cardinals, Bengals, Steelers, Vikings, Broncos). Then there is a bunch of confusing nonsense (everyone else).

Are the Packers good? Who knows! Are the Falcons going to lose every game after starting off so well? Sure seems like it! Wait, the Chiefs have won five games in a row? Without Jamaal Charles? They are leading Wild Card contenders? What? The 5-6 division-leading Redskins are the most competent team in the NFC East? Romo died again, yet the Cowboys still remain just two games from first place? Matt Hasselbeck is 4-0? Does anyone know what a goddamn catch is? Was the Patriots undefeated streak really ended by a 6’7 version of Robert Pattinson?


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At least in all this confusion, we can take solace in the steady NFL constant fact that the Browns are still the Browns.

Thanksgiving week was not kind to me. I doubt I’ll have a worse prediction performance this season. It was a hard week to pick, so many games could have gone either way, and on this week, I was like the Nazi guy at the end of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade picking out the Holy Grail. I chose… poorly. Total for the week was 7-9. Hey, with that record, I could still probably win the NFC East, so it’s not all bad. But still, nine incorrect picks. My arm is officially falling off as I type this. Maybe this is what I deserve for thinking Carolina/Dallas was a trap game.

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