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Hey, the NHL playoffs start tonight!  All right!  I'm not actually excited, but I'm genuinely happy for the hockey fans who get to enjoy the Stanley Cup Playoffs, which are somehow even longer than the NBA playoffs, which I didn't think was possible because the NBA playoffs go on for like 5 months.

In order to drum up excitement for the postseason, the marketing-savvy NHL has once again turned to celebrity bloggers for a viral campaign unlike any other. Take, for instance, Lauren Conrad (pictured, with side boob and side-boob AudrinaNSFW), The Hills star whose blank stares and silent pauses are the most believable of any character on the show.  She claims to have followed the Kings the last two years, but she's now throwing her feverish support to the defending champion Ducks:

Favorite NHL Team: Anaheim Ducks
Favorite Sports/Teams: No answer
Favorite Players: No answer
Music: No answer
Books: No answer
Movies: No answer
Other interests: No answer

Actually, she seems to have a lot more interest in and knowledge of hockey than I do. 

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