An NHL Referee Dropped A Pair Of F-Bombs While His Mic Was On

There’s this belief in sports that you never want to learn the name of a referee, because if you do, it’s probably because they messed up in a serious way. That, of course, is not always true – everyone knows the NFL’s Ed Hochuli, who is famous for his long-winded explanations of things and his massive biceps. There’s also Mike Defee, a college football ref who became an internet sensation during the national title game for looking like a bodybuilder.

But more often than not, knowing who a referee is comes after something bad happens. For example, the sports world is going to know the name of NHL referee Frederick L’Ecuyer, because dude got caught swearing on a live microphone.

L’Ecuyer had to announce a penalty during Thursday’s game between Columbus and Nashville. The Blue Jackets’ Ryan Murray was heading to the box for interference, but for some reason, L’Ecuyer decided to scream “f*ck you” at someone a few times.

We know this, because unfortunately for L’Ecuyer, he did this while his mic was on, meaning that everyone in the arena heard an official cuss someone out. Considering all the crap officials have to deal with during the course of a sporting event, it’s kind of surprising that we don’t hear about this stuff happening more often.

Actually, I do suppose there’s a chance that this happens fairly frequently. We just never know about it because most referees know to make sure their mic is off before dropping f-bombs.

(Via SB Nation)