NHL Rivalries Have Entered The World Of Passive-Aggressive Baking With ‘Penguins Cream Pies’

Pro Wrestling Editor
06.03.13 3 Comments

Boston Pittsburgh Cream Pie

By way of Larry Brown Sports and a baker with no better outlet in which to express his NHL passions comes the PENGUINS CREAM PIE, a strikethrough joke from Oakmont Bakery in Oakmont, Pennsylvania.

Y’see, a “Boston cream pie” is a cake frosted with chocolate, filled with custard or cream. Boston is also the home of the Boston Bruins, who are currently up 1-0 against the Pittsburgh Penguins in the NHL Eastern Conference finals. So now the Boston cream pie must become the Penguins cream pie, or else local bakers will be accused of collusion. And now Sidney Crosby has a really great way out of any future requests for a “Penguins cream pie.”

This is the worst sports-related baking nomenclature call since the Ole Miss/MSU rivalry caused an Oxford, MS, cake shop to change “Mississippi Mud Cake” to “This Specific Part Of Mississippi Mud Cake.”

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