NHL Winger vs. GSP? Oh, It’s ON.

05.20.10 8 years ago 8 Comments

This was on TSN, so it’s either really happening or all of Canada has lost their minds. I honestly am not sure which outcome is more probable. UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre and NHL tough guy Georges Laraque, who played in 25 games for the Montreal Canadiens before being cut last month.

“On the ice I would never go against him, he’s going to beat me and I agree with that 100 percent, but on the floor I have no problem,” GSP added.

St-Pierre currently weighs 190 pounds, while Laraque tips the scales at 270 pounds, something the former NHL tough guy thinks will work in his favour.

“I think because of the weight difference he’s going to have a hard time,” said Laraque. “I want to pick him up and body slam him.” –TSN [Canada]

Good luck with that, Georgie. I’d rather wrestle an alligator. At least that way, if things get out of hand, you can always get somebody to shoot the gator. The “match” is happening at St-Pierre’s Tristar gym in Montreal, and then after that, they should go to the Bell Centre and fight on ice skates, just to be fair. They’re all about fairness and sharing in Canada. I was in Windsor last month and I saw two homeless guys with half a beard each. What a country.

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