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A report coming out of Ohio claims that the Columbus Blue Jackets have lost at least $12 million per year since their inception and that the team could move if the city does not offer “financial relief” in the near future. The Blue Jackets are one of the few teams in all of pro sports to play in an arena that’s entirely privately owned in Nationwide Arena, but one of the more popular “relief” options listed in the report involves Franklin County purchasing either part or all of that arena with tax revenue.

The Blue Jackets’ president, Mike Priest, who supports the chamber’s idea of using public money to help defray the team’s costs, tells reporters, “We’re just trying to educate that this is what a sustainable model looks like.” –NYTimes

Taxpayers in that area voted three times to reject a tax increase that would have created public money for an arena. And it’s worth noting that the gaming referendum that passed earlier this week will put a casino in that same “Arena District.” And those publicly-funded stadiums have done wonders for the Browns, Indians and Reds. But even if the team decides they can’t cut it in Columbus anymore–which will probably happen anyway–WHERE ARE THEY GONNA GO? Kansas City? Great, have fun in the middle of nowhere. Tell Mrs. Parker and Zack Greinke we said hey.

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