Nice Pants, Donovan McNabb

06.16.10 9 years ago 8 Comments

Washington Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb (ugh, just saying that feels so…weird) has always been one of the NFL’s model citizens. He never gets in trouble, loves his mama, and always treats women with respect in the vicinity of rolling cameras. But after seeing this, I have to wonder that Donovan’s good manners come from the fact that he’s just, well, kind of a dork.

And how old is McNabb? Isn’t he, like, 38? These are not pants that anyone should be wearing, and especially not someone as implicitly cool as a black guy. African-American readers, can I get a ruling on this? Doesn’t this count for demerits on the official Ledger of Chill?

Derp derp derp! Do I wear shorts today or pants today? Look, it’s hot outside. We get it. BUT MAKE A GD DECISION! You’re a quarterback, and you’re too old to be scrambling in the closet when getting dressed each morning (see what I did there?) And another thing…how many pockets do you really need? Unless you have, like, four cell phones, just stick to chinos.

Cool shoes, though.

Mr. Irrelevant, via Wiz Wit. Thanks, Chris.

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