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Long before Jim Zorn was hired by the Redskins to shut the hell up and do whatever Dan Snyder asks, he was a better than mediocre quarterback on an atrocious Seahawks team.  This video from Seahawks training camp in 1981 reveals that the Redskins got themselves a born leader with a real fiery speaking style.   Also revealed: a whooooole lotta man-leg.  Yikes.  It's one thing to see Chris Cooley as the only guy on the field wearing a pair of nuthuggers as a joke.  It's another thing entirely to see more thighs and helmets than a Viking sex boat.

And yet, this 27-year-old clip of Seattle's football team practicing is still way more interesting than a Mariners game.  Eat a dick, M's front office.

[Field Gulls

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