Nick Diaz Claims ‘Someone Frickin’ Drugged Me’ In Georges St-Pierre Fight

Nick Diaz is fresh off his year and a half suspension from the Nevada State Athletic Commission — a suspension that was originally supposed to be five years long. The commission obviously didn’t like Nick, who keeps popping positive for marijuana metabolites and mean mugs them through meetings while invoking his right to plead the 5th rather than answer questions.

Fortunately cooler heads a lawsuit prevailed and his suspension was shortened, and now Nick is ready to step back into the cage. Who he will fight first remains a mystery. We’ve got our own opinions, but as far as Nick is concerned, he’s a PPV without a title waiting to happen. It seems like he wouldn’t mind getting another crack at Georges St-Pierre due to all the doping he thinks went down — in Diaz’s mind, not only was Georges doping, but someone doped him too.

“When I fought Georges St-Pierre in Canada, first of all, someone frickin’ drugged me!” he claimed in an interview with ESPN. “I’ve never been in the best shape of my life like that ever, and then went out there and just completely zapped like that. There was something funny about that fight.”

Diaz doesn’t actually think St-Pierre will return on account of the very USADA testing GSP pushed the UFC to get. “I think that he just likes to talk and say, ‘Okay, I’m still relevant here.’ But realistically, the way they’re testing, I mean, they’ve already been to my house six times already.”

After dismissing fights with Robbie Lawler and new welterweight champion Tyron Woodley, Nick namedropped the Canadian fighter again.

“I don’t see a superstar out there waiting. I don’t see Georges St-Pierre coming back, he’s too scared to come back and do a fight with me. And the rest of these guys are not superstars. Who are they? I don’t even wanna say their name ’cause no one even heard it yet til I say it, and then they’ll know who the guy is.”

So it could be a while before Nick Diaz steps into the cage, unless UFC president Dana White offers up a name interesting enough for the enigmatic fighter, or enough zeros on the contract to make him sign.