Nick Diaz Gives His Thoughts On Conor McGregor’s Chances Against Floyd Mayweather

As the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor boxing match approaches on August 26th, McGregor is finding support from some strange places. There’s former UFC fighter and podcaster Brendan Schaub, who insists Conor will win rounds and has promised to release a dick pic should Floyd finish Conor. Then here’s Nick Diaz, whose brother Nate had the two biggest UFC fights in the history of the UFC with McGregor.

“As far as MMA, I want to say there’s maybe five guys that do jiu-jitsu that have an actual level of understanding when it comes to boxing … he obviously does,” Nick offered during an interview with MyMMANews. “I feel like if he can hit my brother he can definitely can put up somewhat of a fight with Floyd, if not actually bring him an actual challenge.”

“I don’t know what’s gonna happen,” he continued when asked for a prediction. “I could say one thing, I could be wrong. Also, the ups and downs of life, you never know what’s going on. Either one of these guys could have a bad – like the last time my brother fought he had broken ribs, torn rib tissue. Neither one of those fights worked out for him. He had 13 days the first time and the next time he was injured. I was there for it.”

Mayweather’s condition coming into the fight is a big question. The boxer has notoriously brittle hands, something McGregor has brought up multiple times during their online back and forths. Floyd has also implied that this training camp has been hard on his body. As to whether that’s legit or just him trying to convince people McGregor has a chance is anyone’s guess. But McGregor will undoubtedly come into the fight in better shape, just on account of him not having 20+ years of hard mileage on his body.