Nick Diaz Continued His Spectacular Weed-Smoking Adventures With Tommy Chong

While his fans are waiting impatiently for Nick Diaz to return to action, Nick Diaz himself seems to be having a great time on vacation. The controversial Diaz brother just served a two-year suspension for marijuana, and is cleared to fight … as soon as he pays Nevada more than $70,000 in fines associated with the drug failure. He doesn’t seem to be in any rush to do that, so things seem to be stuck at an impasse.

Again, frustrating for fans. But if Nick gives a damn, he’s not showing it. His Instagram and Snapchat accounts have been very active showing the Stockton fighter living life to the fullest, and of course smoking copious amounts of weed. Recently he showed up with his brother Nate and Snoop Dog smoking the largest doobie we’ve ever seen. And now there’s pictures and videos of him partying in his backyard with Tommy Chong of Cheech and Chong fame. How baller is that? Not only are you hanging out and smoking weed with one of the grandfathers of marijuana, but he came to your house to do it!

Based on past statements from Nick about not actually enjoying fights, we may not see him back in the cage until he needs more money to keep enjoying the high life. If his little brother is sharing some of his sweet Conor McGregor fight money, that could be a while.