Nick Diaz Is Down To Fight Tyron Woodley In Less Than Three Weeks At UFC 202 If The Money Is Right

Nick Diaz is a treasure. An absolute treasure. There are few other athletes in any sport that can be more incomprehensible and yet more succinct than Nick. Nate’s goofy. Nate’s got a soft side even though he won’t take sh*t from anybody, but Nick is on a whole other level. Now that he’s free from his 18-month suspension for having trace amounts of marijuana in his system, everyone is calling him out, because he brings the eyeballs. He’s a money fight.

But who does he want to fight, if anyone?

“I want to fight the best guy. I’m on top. They’re dropping my name. I don’t need some fake piece of plastic. We can catchweight too. I’m a PPV without a title.”

Somehow, Nick’s correct. Despite not winning since 2011, he’s still at the top of the UFC welterweight division for whatever reason, and it’s wonderful. So TMZ then asked if he would fight Tyron Woodley, the new welterweight champ who called him out after UFC 201 for a fight on August 20th at UFC 202.

“If they make me an offer I can’t refuse but I doubt that’ll happen.”

Just make this happen, MMA Gods. Let’s see Nick and Nate fight on the same card. We deserve this. Until that decision is made, Nick is gonna be Nick, just swinging some sticks for fun.


(Via TMZ)