Nick Diaz Is Living His Best Life Partying With The Wu-Tang Clan And Tossing Free Weed At People

Nick Diaz has fought in only one UFC fight in the last four years (one of the greatest fights ever) thanks to various failed drug tests for marijuana metabolites, but it doesn’t seem like he minds. Even away from the Octagon, the former Strikeforce champion and long-time UFC contender’s star continues to get brighter. It doesn’t hurt that his brother is involved in a feud with Conor McGregor, but it’s his ever-growing fame as a weed spokesman that is leading him to his best life. Who knew it would turn out this way?

But this seems like it’s how Nick always wanted it to be — smoking weed, enjoying himself, and not getting punched in the head. He even gets to keep his nunchucks, as we see in the video. Who can blame the guy for probably making more money throwing free weed to people and watching Wu-Tang than he did in the first five years of his career?

Longtime MMA fans know that Nick Diaz used to be one of the most active, hardest working dudes in the sport. His fights were always electric, and fans loved him for his bullshit detector. If this is how he wants to spend his time, I say more power to him. He’s been in enough wars that he deserves a good time. It’s like, whatever.