Nick Folk’s Wife Went In On A Columnist For Calling Out Kickers

11.22.16 1 year ago

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Sunday was a very bad day for NFL kickers when it came to extra points. Twelve PATs were missed across 12 games — some of it wind-related, some of it ineptitude-related — but it was the opening for a wildly bad take from Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, who wrote the NFL should push the PAT back 10 more yards to … I mean, really, do you care about his reasoning?

Fine, here is his reasoning:

The most sensible solution is to push the extra point back 10 more yards, which seems counterintuitive before you realize the intended effect. Coaches will be incentivized to attempt a two-point conversion rather than cringe at the prospect of their idiot kickers trying a 43-yarder.

And here is the part of the reasoning that probably pissed off Julianne Folk, the wife of New York Jets kicker Nick Folk.

They’re already the most lampooned segment of NFL society. They have a fragile psyche. They don’t even really practice with the rest of their team. They’re basically paid consultants detached from the rest of the organization.

Is there a least respected profession in American team sports?

There’s another part of the column where Mehta brags about not taking a kicker at all in his fantasy draft, instead opting to pick one up before Week 1. That means he’s either dumb enough to a) be in a league that drafts so early that you can afford to do that or b) he burns money on a transaction that he didn’t need to make anyway.

Julianne wasn’t going to sit for this crap. While you and I may mock the column because it was an overreaction to one fluky week, as the PATs were being converted at their usual high rates this season. She instead seized on the part where Mehta referred to kickers as weak and not part of the team.

Much like 90 percent of PATs, Julianne’s tweets are up and they are good.

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