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Nick Lowery was a 3-time Pro Bowl selection and one of the most accurate kickers of all-time during his 18-year career with the Patriots, Chiefs and Jets. He's also 6' 4" and liked to hit ball boys, so you know he's better than these Grammaticas we have to deal with these days. Even in retirement, his stock is on the rise, as SportsbyBrooks notes that he's getting married at 51 after a life of bachelorhood to former San Diego-based news anchor Phoebe Chongchua, who you might describe as a MILF, but only if you want to piss this lady off

It has been a six-month whirlwind romance.

“I’ve never been engaged before, never proposed before,” Lowery said. “But in this case, when you know it, you know it. She’s fantastic and I consider myself very lucky.”

Chongchua works now as a motivated speaker and author of such books as "If The Trash Stinks, TAKE IT OUT!" and "Hey, Nick, I Just Wrote A Whole Goddamn Book Asking You To Take Out The Trash And You Still Haven't Done It, Asshole." 

In other news, Morten Andersen picks up ladies at the old folks home during marathon bingo games. They're hot for those Longaberger baskets.

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