Nick Nolte's Reverse Clap: The Best Part Of Last Night's Academy Awards

02.27.12 6 years ago 2 Comments

And morning links. Man, this guy loves trouble.

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Official FilmDrunk Oscars Open Thread – When Viola Davis isn’t awarded for acting but an Oscar goes to the MM MMS I LUBS ME SOME FRIED CHICKEN GURRRL monologue from The Help, you know something’s wrong. [Film Drunk]

The 10 Greatest Oscar Travesties Since 1941 – Number one all time: Jurassic Park not winning Best Picture against literally anything they could put up against it. [Buzzfeed]

HBO’s 10 Greatest Musical Moments – Numbers one through ten: that DA DA DAAAAAA music that plays while the HBO logo from the 80s flies through space. [Warming Glow]

Creature Gear — 6 Pieces of Technology We Should Give to Zoo Animals – I want to stay away from any real life we3 situations that involve me being murdered by something yelling GUD DOG at me. [Gamma Squad]

Meme Watch: The Captain Kitteh Jokes Sail Full Speed Ahead – There needs to be a Delta version where you have to suddenly wait six hours between Captain Kitteh pictures because they still think booking flights on the Internet is make believe. [UPROXX]

The 10 Best GIFs From Thursday Night Television – |UPROXX|

DMX Had A Unique Hennessey Diet While Filming Belly You aren’t going to care, but I’ve been mad at Belly for like 15 years for getting T-Boz from TLC naked in a movie and filming her in pitch blackness. [Smoking Section]

Review: Wanderlust “Did not feature T-Boz from TLC nude. Would not watch again.” [Film Drunk]

Pamela Anderson proudly displays Spring’s latest look – eyebrows painted on a snare drum – If I was God, the first thing I’d do is get rid of airplane turbulence. The second thing I’d do is time displace ‘Home Improvement’-era Pam Anderson forever. [FARK]

Man Tests Bulletproof Vest By Shooting Himself [NSFW] – Alternate headline: “Man is total goober, earns place in next 10 editions of Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader”. [The FW]

That Really Awkward Photo That Made Brad Pitt Look Like David Spade – That makes Angelina Jolie that illogically hot girl you always find out is banging David Spade, I guess. [Pajiba]

If All the Avengers Posed Like Black Widow – Pro wrestling gets a lot of sh*t for latent homosexuality, but man, it ain’t got nothin’ on comic books. [Unreality]

Samuel L. Jackson x Melody Sheep – Go The F**k To Sleep – New career goal: have someone type “Brandon Stroud x Melody Sheep – Go The F**k To Sleep” about something I’ve done. [High Definite]

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