Nick Saban Already Has A Statue?

Probably the only thing more disturbing than the NFL releasing a schedule of games that it doesn’t intend to play (we’ll get to that) was something I stumbled upon this morning: apparently Alabama football coach Nick Saban already has a statue of his likeness erected in Tuscaloosa, just outside of Bryant-Denny Stadium. And why not? He’s been there all of four years already. Heh, erected.

The school, which has erected statues of all four of its national championship-winning coaches, was unveiled at last weekend’s spring game. It’s nine feet of bronze and it’s…special. I can’t help but be inspired by a bronzed dude wearing a polo shirt and sneakers, especially when the facial expression suggests something to the effect of “long divison” or “not enough bran.”

I was hoping that the statue would have depicted Saban packing up his office at LSU, or throwing a late challenge flag with the Dolphins. But think of all the players they could have paid off with the money they spent on that. That said, I’m sure any prospective vandals will appreciate the timeliness of spray-painting the legs and buttocks of the current head coach. I know I would.