Daniel Tosh Ruthlessly Mocks Nick Saban By Reading From An Unauthorized Biography

Daniel Tosh’s comedic style consists of picking low-hanging fruit and crushing the juice out of them in his gaping maw, and serious-minded, square-jawed Nick Saban is pretty easy pickings. Anyone who takes himself that seriously is tacitly begging for people not to do the same. So, with the caveat that we generally do not enjoy Daniel Tosh’s jokes, this one is pretty good.

Dressed in the gear of the Miami Dolphins that Saban spurned for the University of Alabama back in 2007, Tosh sat in front of a fake elementary-school class and read passages of Saban: The Making of a Coach, a newly-released unauthorized biography that he’s not happy exists at all. Due to his aforementioned self-seriousness, he seemingly does not get the irony of him being upset at someone making money from his likeness and career without him getting a cut. Baffling.

Tosh, true to form, goes off the page multiple times to ragefully lambaste the coach and allow the kids to recite scripted curse words about Saban’s duplicitousness. It’s spot on and we laughed, in spite of ourselves.

(Via Comedy Central)