Nick Saban Apologized To ESPN’s Maria Taylor After Going Off On Her In A Postgame Interview

09.02.18 11 months ago 6 Comments


Alabama steamrolled Louisville in Orlando on Saturday night, opening the season with a 51-14 win over the Cardinals and answering an awful lot of questions, including whether they are still deserving of the No. 1 spot in the nation (they are).

The Tide rolled and normally that would lead to a pretty chipper head coach. That’s not the case with Nick Saban, who tends to look for reasons to be upset after big wins in order to keep his team motivated — comparatively, he’s more positive after losses and tight wins over strong competition. This was evident on the sidelines as he went ballistic on a few occasions over bad penalties and a lack of discipline late in the game from his defense.

However, the biggest question for many was about the Tide’s quarterback situation, where Tua Tagovailoa had a huge game and Jalen Hurts was relatively quiet, but steady. Tagovailoa started and most would expect him to continue starting. After the game ESPN’s Maria Taylor asked the very fair question of whether Saturday night’s performance gave him an answer regarding his quarterback situation going forward.

Saban, who has been answering questions about his quarterback situation since he switched to Tagovailoa in the national title game in January, snapped in frustration at once again being asked (again a good, and fair question) about picking a QB and sticking with one.

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