Nick Saban Offered His Best Pageant Coach Pose With Alabama’s Gymnastics Team

In the world of NCAA gymnastics, the Alabama Crimson Tide are like the Alabama Crimson Tide of the world of NCAA Football. How do these women have what it takes to follow in the footsteps of the 2011 and 2012 National Champions? They simply have that winning Bama swagger that starts with Coach Sarah Patterson, who knows that when it comes to inspiring her student athletes to sometimes literally Roll Tide, she needs to walk down the hall or probably street to Nick Saban’s office, which I assume is 6 trillion times the size of her office*, and ask the champion-maker himself to come and give her squad some true words of wisdom.

And then, I assume, his daughter sees him talking to a bunch of girls, and she kicks down the door and starts slamming all of their heads through the windows and against the walls. Haha, kids will be kids, right Nick?

*Bama fans debating equality:
(H/T to Big Lead)