Nick Saban’s Ridiculous New Benz Makes His Players Think He’s James Bond

Nick Saban
Getty Image

Alabama head football coach Nick Saban is the proud new owner of a beautiful, and quite expensive, vehicle. Mercedes’ new AMG GT S Coupe has a starting price of $129,000. This is of course chump change to Saban, who makes $6.9 million a year in Tuscaloosa. When Saban brought his new toy to the office, a few of his players reacted accordingly.

I could easily see Saban revealing himself as James Bond somewhere along the way. We already assume he’s secretly a football-coaching robot who has exploiting offenses down to a science, so why not add that he also works for the Secret Intelligence Service in the offseason to the Saban conspiracy theory? Clearly it’s the only explanation for purchasing a car like this.

(Via CollegeSpun, Fox Sports and USA Today)