Nick Young Broke His Own Record For The Worst Layup Attempt In Basketball History

Last March, then-Washington Wizard Nick Young shocked the world when he executed the worst layup attempt in NBA (and quite possibly just basketball) history against the Lakers. If you haven’t seen it, please revisit it. He’s wide open, gets about half a foot off the ground and just lobbed it straight over the backboard. It was a layup so bad it seemed it could never be touched.

On Sunday, Nick Young touched it.

Whether or not this layup attempt is worse is up for debate, but it is shockingly bad, and exactly the kind of thing your asshole cousin would try in a game of HORSE. Same ending and everything. He goes up for a shot, spins a full 360 degrees for absolutely no reason, then throws the ball as hard as he can at the top of the backboard. I’m not sure who told Nick Young the goal was way up there (or if he’s just trying to score a 20 point basket in Rock N’ Jock), but God bless them.

Here it is again in GIF form, thanks to the wonderful @CJZero: