Nick Young Pump Faked On A Free Throw And The Nick Young Legend Grows

This holiday season, give your family Nick Young, the gift that will last a lifetime.

On Monday we shared with you 360 LAYUP TO THE TOP OF THE BACKBOARD/NOTHINGNESS, one of the worst layups you’ve ever seen and the followup to his previous worst effort, LAYUP THAT MISSES BY EIGHT FEET. Nick Young’s bad shots are so bad they don’t actually make sense. He’s basketball’s Tommy Wiseau, a guy creating art so ridiculous it has to be on purpose, but it can’t be, because IT IS SO BAD.

Today, we’ve got this clip of Young faking out everybody with a sick pump-fake. Uh, during a free throw attempt.

(okay okay, maybe the ball slipped, or maybe he just second-guessed himself for a second, but I’m going forward assuming the best, which is that Nick Young thought somebody was gonna jump in and try to block his shot. Let me have this.)

Friday on With Leather, Nick Young runs up and knocks a Gatorade out of somebody’s hands to keep them from scoring points.