Nike’s Latest World Cup Ad Is Giving ESPN A Run For Its Money

So far, in the race to provide us with the best TV ads for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, ESPN has been the frontrunner and, honestly, the sole combatant with the wonderful Ian Darke blind date commercial and the delightfully patriotic “I Believe” ad for the US Men’s National Team. But now Nike has made its presence known with an incredible 4-minute ad entitled, “Winner Stays,” which features everyone from Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar to Kobe Bryant and Anderson Silva participating in global soccer badassery. Hell, even the Incredible Hulk and your mailman make an appearance, because it’s f*cking World Cup soccer, man.

My only complaint is that Alex Morgan isn’t involved. Sure, this is the men’s World Cup, but would it have killed Nike to include everyone’s favorite imaginary girlfriend for just a split second? No, of course not. Quit being selfish, Nike.

(H/T to Hypervocal)