Nina Dobrev Wants To Be Tim Tebow’s ‘Cheerleader’ On The Latest ‘Lip Sync Battle’

Tim Tebow is the main attraction on this week’s Lip Sync Battle for some reason, likely because he was guaranteed to be free before the Super Bowl. But he’s the attraction for more than just football. Nina Dobrev does her best to put a spell on Tebow and bring him out of his shell, even dressing up like the former Gator for her performance of OMI’s “Cheerleader.”

This was her follow up to performance of Marvin Gaye’s classic “Let’s Get It On,” where she grinded up on Tebow as a playful jab towards his abstinence. At least what it seems like. What would be more interesting is finding out if Tebow has ever heard the song before.

We’ve seen Tebow’s response with his lip sync for “Eye of the Tiger,” going the full Stallone with some egg chugging and a pair of American flag trunks. Don’t be surprised to see this performance get a surprise Oscar nod over Creed too. He doesn’t win the night, though. You have to give it Nina Dobrev for braving the ire of Gator fans everywhere in order to show up Tim Tebow on national television. Also give it to Chrissy Teigen for still being the best part of this show.