The Jets Allowed The Niners To Convert A 3rd And 31 On A Run Play

The New York Jets might just be the worst team in the NFL. It’s certainly too early to say that emphatically, but their offense has been truly abysmal and the defense has had plenty of lapses as well.

On Sunday, they faced an incredibly banged up San Francisco 49ers team that got more injured as the game wore on, losing Jimmy Garoppolo, Nick Bosa, and Raheem Mostert (on top of already being without George Kittle). The Jets still could only muster a couple of field goals through the late third quarter offensively, and the defense didn’t exactly help matters as they couldn’t even do something as simple as “get off the field on 3rd and 31.”

Yes, the 49ers converted on 3rd and 31 from their own 11 on a 55-yard run by Jerick McKinnon that shouldn’t have had a chance to pick up a first down.

There’s no trickery or anything wild about the play design here. Just a straight toss play that McKinnon cuts back across the field where for some reason there aren’t any defenders on the entire left half of the field capable of cutting him off and stopping him from galloping into Jets territory. It is a microcosm of the season so far for the Jets — who would later in the game kick a field goal after an interception set them up in the red zone. A hapless team seemingly incapable of converting the best of chances into the expected outcome.