11.02.06 12 years ago 3 Comments

Yesterday's New York Times featured a profile on extreme skateboarder Bob Burnquist and the 360-foot long "Mega Ramp" that he built in his backyard. There is, of course, registration required, but it's worth it because — aside from being a pretty good read — there is video of a human being trying to kill himself on a skateboard. At least, that's what I think when you need a trapeze net to protect you from falling into a 70-foot crevasse over a creek bed.

But hey, what do I know? I'm just a pussy who's never BASE jumped into the Grand Canyon:

In March, he built a 40-foot-tall ramp on the rim of the Grand Canyon, from which he launched himself and his skateboard onto a makeshift metal rail, and then BASE jumped 1,600 feet to the canyon floor below.

Naturally, there's video. Look for a woman holding a little girl's hand — that's Burnquist's partner and the daughter he's trying to orphan.

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