No Longer Looking Forward to the Weekend

06.17.11 7 years ago 4 Comments

You know a meme has outstayed its welcome when Minor League Baseball teams start using it for promotion. Rebecca Black’s co-starring role in Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night” video has become a professional shadow-seeing groundhog, and we’re suffering through six more weeks of her — watch in abject horror as representatives of the Round Rock Express (my local Triple-A affiliate of the Texas Rangers) do a parody of “Friday” to get you excited about fireworks.

By the way, if you’re watching the video, he’s saying “Bud fireworks”, not “butt fireworks”. It’s pretty sad when the man-sized dog in a conductor’s outfit is the least humiliated person in your video. Do I even need something to get me excited about fireworks? They’re FIREWORKS. What’s next, backflipping ninja fail Epic Fail afro wig Tuesday? If I go to the game on Sunday afternoon, will the first 2,500 fans receive a free Lemon Party team photo? Uh, actually, pretty sure I’m not going to that Sunday game.

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