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I don’t get how The Powers That Be got together and decided to promote American snowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis as appointment viewing for the Vancouver games. Her Visa commercial is cliche’d and bland. She looks like she’d rather try and sell me pot than compete while representing America, and that’s fine. But how does anyone get bent out of shape when people wonder why she kills it at the X-Games every year and then comes to the Olympics and lays an egg?

“I do so many competitions a year,” Jacobellis said, coming in for an interview more than an hour after the race. “It’s unfortunate the rest of the world only sees this race, or four years ago. So I guess I don’t have a great track record for the general public.”[..]

“Sometimes you can’t control the things that you want to, and you just have those in boardercross sometimes,” she said. “I’ve had a great career and I’ve been really dominant in it and sometimes I fall into funks where things like that happen.” –Y! Sports.

Yeah, sorry that, even though a lot of us don’t really care about the Olympics, even less of us care about the X-Games. At least Bode Miller won a bronze in these Games, but his hair isn’t nearly as pretty as yours. Do you mind if I take a whiff? Smelling hair isn’t creepy if you just let me do it.

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