No Sex Before Marriage: Recapping The Ultimate Catch, Episode 3

07.26.10 8 years ago 5 Comments

The testament to a truly great reality show is nonstop energy and excitement. So it’s probably not a good thing if the star of a show falls asleep during an episode. In the third episode of Chad Ochocinco’s The Ultimate Catch, the Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver took contestants Katie and Tara on a surprise double date to Las Vegas, and during the flight he passed out. And that pretty much sums up where this show is going quickly.

Tara has spent most of her time on the show complaining about how Ocho tried to dry hump her at one point, while many can argue that she was indeed the humper of dryness. She’s besmirched Chad’s gentle heart in private – on TV – while speaking with the other girls, so you’d assume that she’d be an easy pick to get the boot after her double sate with Katie. One problem – Katie’s a “born again virgin” and won’t have sex again until she gets married. So basically, she’s a slut.

Spoilers after the jump… if you dare.

Of course Ocho ends up picking Tara because she’s hot and her bitchy attitude makes for entertaining television, something that this show is quickly spiraling away from after a great start. The other double date involved Crystal and Courtney, and Crystal was eventually eliminated because she wouldn’t stop whining and complaining about every little thing, which means she could probably replace me in a heartbeat.

What could have been a truly exciting moment also fell flat, as a fight broke out back at the Compound of Chlamydia between two of the girls. Lisa had a few too many drinks and ended up slinging avocado at Rubi, and then I closed my eyes and imagined that it was pudding and I stormed into the house to break it up and then realized what these girls look like and turned around and left with the girl who pooped on the floor on Flavor of Love.

Ocho Cinco ended the show with some drama as he accused the girls of thinking this show is a joke, and I like to think that as the cameras went off they all wanked dismissively and crawled back into their holes.

Here’s video of Katie’s exit interview after she got the born again boot. She looks like a sleepy Faye Reagan, so that’s kind of cool:

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