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In Florida, Grandview Prep senior guard Isaac Sosa took a knee to the groin while driving to the hoop against Miami-Choice last Saturday.  In serious pain, Sosa nevertheless stayed in the game, hitting a clutch three to seal the win and send Grandview to the state Final Four.  But that's just the beginning of the story.

Sosa's father, Carmelo, took the player to Boca Raton Community Hospital. An MRI on Sunday morning showed a fracture in the testicle and that part of it needed to be removed. Doctors told Sosa there still is a small chance that the entire testicle will need to be removed…

Sosa, who came home from the hospital Monday, can walk with assistance but he is under orders to remain in bed for the next couple of days.

That dude is hard-core.  I admit, it must be an amazing feeling to hit a game-winning three-pointer in the state playoffs.  An even more amazing feeling?  Having both testicles. 

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