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Tabloid reports linking the Knicks' raison d'incompetence Isiah Thomas and Tyra Banks (pictured here years ago, when she had her fastball — although the latest word is that she's dropped pounds and looks good again) positively terrify me.  I'm scared for the world.

TYRA Banks sure looked cozy with Knicks coach Isiah Thomas as they lunched at Club 66 in Midtown [Manhattan] on Tuesday afternoon. "They looked like they were really enjoying themselves," our spy said. More interestingly, the sizzling supermodel, who arrived in her private limo, left the eatery with Thomas, jumping into the passenger seat of his SUV. Banks' and Thomas' reps called the pair "old family friends" and nothing more, noting that Banks was Thomas' courtside guest at the final Knicks home game of the season.

This, of course, has already been deconstructed effectively by MJD at the FanHaus, but I still can't help but be troubled by the notion of these two hanging out — an accused sexual harrasser hanging out with Miss "You Go Girl!" 

Of course, maybe they do have some things in common — they probably talk about the early '90s a lot: "Hey, remember when we were respected in our chosen professions?" Then Tyra tells Isiah he looks fierce and Isiah signs her to a crippling max-contract.

Ta-da! Easy jokes are the easiest.

After the jump, enjoy my favorite Tyra clip ever.  Well, besides that time she fell down on the runway.  Gravity is the best.

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