Noah Syndergaard Broke Yunel Escobar’s Brain (And Possibly His Wrist) On This Pitch

07.22.15 4 years ago

Noah Syndergaard is part of the New York Mets’ stable of dynamic young pitchers keeping them afloat in the postseason race, even as they have possibly the very worst offense in baseball. Nicknamed “Thor” because of his tall, blonde Norse-ness, he’s also got a hell of a hammer. But we’re not here to talk about his curveball. We’re here to discuss how Syndergaard may have murdered Washington Nationals infielder Yunel Escobar with an inside fastball.

After this pitch, Escobar met with trainers who looked at his left wrist, but he stayed in the game… for all of one pitch, before a foul ball sent him straight to the dugout. It looks like he injured himself trying to stop his swing on a pitch that nearly hit him, but it’s more fun to imagine the sniper shooting him in the back just as he misses the ball. (It’s fun to imagine because it’s not true, you see.)

Syndergaard is a bad, bad man, and he hurt Escobar with the power of his fastball. Matt Harvey and Jacob deGrom get more love from the press, but Syndergaard is the youngest, the tallest, and possibly the scariest of them all.

(Via Rich MacLeod)

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