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Spurs guard Tony Parker and shape-shifting demon Eva Longoria were married in a civil ceremony in Paris today, fulfilling Step 1 in Satan's plan to flip the gender roles in his remake of Rosemary's Baby.  The fancy-pants wedding in a castle is tomorrow.  From WWTDD

Eva's co-star Teri Hatcher led the arrivals in Paris followed by Felicity Huffman and husband William H Macy in anticipation of the second nuptials tomorrow.  Other stars also in France for the wedding include ex-Arsenal star Thierry Henry, Sheryl Crow and Fantastic Four star Jessica Alba.  Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones are also expected to attend.

The couple's civil ceremony is required by French law and will precede Saturday's religious ceremony, which will be held at Paris's Eglise Saint-Germain l'Auxerrois, followed by a typically extravagant party at 17th-century castle, Chateau Vaux-le-Vicomte, the setting for Kirsten Dunst's Marie Antoinette film.

As you can see, Eva celebrated by wearing a saucy little frock that nearly reveals Hell's Mouth.  I'm guessing she's showcasing her legs to draw attention away from the 30 layers of foundation that are protecting us from her true visage.  And I don't know where Tony is in the picture.  Maybe he stole a car and started driving for the border after someone told him he's a 25-year-old NBA All-Star point guard who's about to get married to a decaying B-list TV star whose prime was two years ago.

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