Nobody Wants To Eat Lunch With Alex Rodriguez, Not Even For Charity

The other week, I invoked the wrath of Frank Stallone’s three or four fans by suggesting that his failed charity auction for a private New Year’s Eve performance was perhaps the saddest auction of 2013. Well, bad news Frank. Your title might end up being stolen by Alex Rodriguez, who has offered up a lunch date to benefit David Ortiz’s Celebrity Golf Classic and his Children’s Fund charity. With less than six days remaining for the online auction, there have been zero bids on the A-Rod lunch date that starts at $1,000, and the Boston Herald has a very simple reason for this.

Can we discuss for a moment how irrelevant Alex Rodriguez is??? The Yankees’ third baseman is sooooo unpopular that an auction item offering a private lunch with Madonna’s ex in NYC hasn’t attracted even ONE bid!!!!

But with an opening bid of just $1,000 — and no mention of that pesky pending suspension over banned-substance-scarfing accusations — the lunch was still sitting unwanted on the auction website last night. Not even Cameron Diaz or Kate Hudson could give him a pity bid!

Oh girlfriend, you are terrible!

To be fair to A-Rod and this effort at raising money for kids in need, he’s not the only superstar putting up a goose egg thus far. Also drawing zero bids are John Cena, who is part of a Monday Night Raw meet and greet, and rapper Flo Rida, who has also offered up a meet and greet. You know, I think it says a lot about the state of the economy that more people aren’t tripping over themselves to pay $750 to meet the guy who gave us “Good Feeling.”

Meanwhile, if you need me, I’ll be pawning all of my belongings to win this auction…

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