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Somebody once made the point that if a city has more plentiful options for entertainment, said city becomes less of a “sports town.” That makes sense to me, but it still doesn’t explain how the Florida Marlins can’t get more than 600 people to watch them play. From USA Today’s Game On:

According to unofficial counts by the Miami Herald and the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, fewer than 600 seats were occupied. Official attendance was announced at 11,211.

But the telling quote came from Marlins reliever Joe Nelson. He told the Sun-Sentinel that, as he left the field after the final out of the 5-3 Florida victory, he wanted to toss the game ball to a young fan.

“I actually had to look for one,” Nelson said.

This is the portion of the post where we would mention that people in Miami are too engorged in hot Latin sex and exotic drugs to get out to the ballpark. But seriously, you’d think with all the Cubans floating into Florida in bathtubs and homemade rafts that some of them would take time out of their immigration-dodging schedule to go see a game. Okay, maybe that comment wasn’t so serious.

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