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Despite having a new, fresh-faced Caucasian quarterback in Matt Ryan and first-year head coach, or perhaps because of them, the Atlanta Falcons are having trouble selling out their first home game this Saturday against Detroit. NFL blackout rules state that the game has to be sold out by Thursday (or 72 hours prior to kickoff), or the game won’t be on TV. And Falcons brass are pulling out all the stops including sending emails announcing that ticket prices will be discounted by…you better sit down for this…ten bucks!

As [of] Monday, the team announced that 2,500 tickets were still available.

The e-mail read: “With promising rookie Matt Ryan at the helm, Head Coach Mike Smith’s Atlanta Falcons charge into a new era of football this Sunday at the Georgia Dome when they host the Detroit Lions in the season opener.

So that $45 seat in the nosebleeds you were scoffing at on Tuesday? They’re now…thirty-five! Whoopdie-doo. Most people in the south hate the NFL because they prefer to watch college athletes play “for the love of the game.” If by “the love,” they mean the chance to gang-bang cheerleaders on your couch, and then sign a multi-million-dollar deal to play in the NFL, then yeah.

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