Nobody Will Be Able To Watch Football In Florida

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08.30.11 11 Comments

The Jacksonville Jaguars are on pace to have their season opener against the Tennessee Titans blacked out. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, despite going 10-6 last season, are still having the same old problems selling tickets, so their games are going to be blacked out this season. And now fans of the Miami Dolphins, after almost 40 years of disappointment and two decades of playing without a quarterback, are staying home, too.

The Dolphins also plan to make it clear to their fans that tickets sales for regular-season games are not going as well as the team would like and that could mean blackouts of several meaningful regular-season games are about to happen.

Several home games on the regular-season schedule — starting with the Week 2 game against Houston — are so far from being sold out that the club is warning fans the only way to see them might be to buy tickets. (Via The Miami Herald)

But wait a second guys, can’t the Dolphins at least come up with some terrible gimmick ideas to try to sell some extra tickets? You know, something that will completely backfire and piss off even their most loyal fans?

[Dolphins CEO Mike] Dee announced during the telecast of Saturday’s Dolphins exhibition game that the team would honor the 2009 Gators when the Denver Broncos visit Sun Life Stadium on Oct. 23. Starters on the team that won that title at Sun Life include Broncos backup quarterback Tim Tebow and Dolphins rookie center Mike Pouncey. Former Florida coach Urban Meyer has agreed to participate in the celebration. (WGN Radio)

This is a spectacular idea – everyone come cheer for the opposing team’s third/fourth string quarterback, who played for a college that people in Miami hate. Even if the game is sold out with 100% Gators fans, this will just end up in a stadium-wide “We want Tebow” chant, followed by Chad Henne running off the field in tears.

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